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Otto Siegl, Konrad Stekl, Ernst Ludwig Uray, Günther Eisel

The "Styrian Tone Arts Association" (STB) was founded in 1927 in Knittelfeld on the occasion of the Styrian Music Festival and put into practice in spring 1928.

Still, the STB sees itself as union of musicians, composers and music-lovers that were born - or chose to live and perform/compose - in Styria. In Short: A consortium of people associated with Styrian music and culture.

During National Socialism the STB was disestablished, but reintroduced in 1957. Its presidents were Artur Michl, Hugo Kroemer, Günther Eisel, Otto Siegl, Ernst Ludwig Uray, Karl Haidmayer and Viktor Fortin.

Today the STB, who incorporates about fourty local composers as well as many renowned musicians, music teachers and music-lovers, is presided by Gerhard Präsent (since 2005).

A historic moment: Paul Hindemith,
STB-Member Jenö Takacs and Béla Bartòk